• Children who remain with the same teacher and primarily the same class for multiple years enjoy a stable and reliable environment.
  • The mix of ages and abilities provide many opportunities for students to collaborate and learn from each other. Older students can take on more mature roles, mentoring the younger students.

  • There is no limit to content that is taught or discussed, so younger students learn along with older students.

  • Grouping students like a family—which is the oldest, most successful learning model—benefits students of all ages educationally as well as socially.

  • Family grouped classrooms are particularly beneficial to gifted learners, struggling learners, and “late bloomers.”

“Shoal Creek has been the biggest blessing to us since we started 2 years ago. We are so thankful our daughter has been able to assist in the K-2 class because now she wants to be a kindergarten teacher! Thank God He led us to Shoal Creek!”

- Rebecca Simmons, Parent of Shoal Creek graduated

The research is compelling, and the results we have seen at Shoal Creek are inspiring. If you haven’t heard of a multi-grade classroom before or seen one in action, come visit us at Shoal Creek Adventist School.